Shabby Chic Curtains

Shabby Chic Curtains

Shabby Chic Curtains

description Pure Light Green Cotton Floral/Leaf Shabby Chic Curtains. Fresh curtain used cotton and linen fabric, hanging in the dining room to create a perfect environment for meals, has light green color matching with floral and leaf pattern looks very suit for shabby chic style.
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Shabby Chic Curtains

Shabby chic style, also sometimes known as farmhouse or cottage style and very similar to French country, is a very forgiving, warm, and friendly décor style to have. Many people are drawn to shabby chic styled spaces because they not only embrace imperfection, but they celebrate them.
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Shabby Chic Curtains

Many might be under the impression that shabby chic style must be ensconced in vintage finds. This is not true. A gleaming white kitchen with strategic farmhouse-style touches (e.g., the apron sink, faucet fixtures, hanging rosebud teacups) is still evocative of shabby chic style…without the vintage germs.
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Shabby Chic Curtains

An exterior lighting fixture, such as this hanging lantern, makes an excellent chandelier choice in a shabby chic space like this home office. Another example of placing pieces in unexpected/non-traditional spaces in shabby chic décor.

Shabby Chic Curtains

This workspace is what could be referred to as “shabby chic meets contemporary.” Clean lines, minimal clutter, with a few shabby chic details (e.g., empty ornate frame, plank desktop, and Buddha head) produce a positive vibe all around.
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description Gold Embossed Floral Gorgeous Luxury Shabby Chic Curtains Gold curtain represent noble and elegant, it can highlight your taste of the home decoration.Especially embossed with the floral, that all make the whole curtains gorgeous. And it was made of satin and polyester blend.        
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A detailed, almost damask-esque, wallpaper in subtle hues provides a fancy backdrop to heartwarmingly shabby and simple pieces, such as this antique metal bedside table. I love how the hues of the bedroom itself are bright and crisp, while the shabby chic piece stands out in a golden way.
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description Luxury European Jacquard Modern Blackout Shabby Chic Curtains(No Valance) Gold embossed can bring people a kind of luxury feeling,definitely can decorate your space,and the curtain can 80% blackout sunlight,which can provide you a private space.The polyester material can keep you healthy.    
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Ornate, baroque styled furniture pieces accentuate nicely the shabby chic style. Perhaps because they are so opposite – one purposefully fancy, the other purposefully humble. Keep the color palette simple and neutral to make these two styles really sing in harmony.

Once again, a weather-roughened wooden door leaning against the wall creates an instant sense of warmth, welcome, and home. Although it doesn’t act like a piece of furniture here, a weathered wood door is practically a staple of shabby chic furniture.
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Muted blues create a fresh feeling amidst the shabby chic scheme. Paired with an antique-looking chandelier that still sparkles, these two elements make this dining room feel fresh, even crisp.
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Pared down forms, like this bare mannequin torso and simple white porcelain flower vase, bring out a feeling of appealing authenticity. Perfect imperfections are the name of the game in shabby chic décor.
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Turn regular soup cans into great shabby chic office organizers. Using natural-looking papers and fabrics, glue covers onto the cans. Place on lazy susan for easy, stylish accessibility.
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If you’ve got the space for it, shabby chic décor in the bathroom makes a large bathroom feel more “homey” than sterile. A chippy metal chair, for example, is both aesthetic and functional, and a battered hutch provides stylish storage.
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I call it my Shabby Chic “Rag” Valance. It’s so easy that you don’t even need a pair of scissors to do it! Rather than using actual rags, I used pre-cut fabric strips from a “jelly roll.” I didn’t even know what a jelly roll was before doing this project, but it turns out that it’s simply a roll of 40 coordinated fabric strips in various colors and patterns (most often used in quilting projects.) Each fabric strip measures 2.5″ x 45″, which incidentally makes them ideal for making a valance. You can find jelly rolls at most fabric and craft store. (Ours came from Hobby Lobby.)

description Fresh Linen/Cotton White Print Floral Curtains. Thick curtains used linen and cotton fabric with good print craft, such fabric is healthy and eco-friendly, leaf pattern and floral pattern looks full of country style.

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